The melody Greensleeves has been known since the Sixteenth Century, some attribute it (but without certain proof) to King Henry VIII, father of Queen Elizabeth Tudor. This ancient melody is also mentioned by William Shakespeare in the Second Act of the Comedy Merry Wives of Windsor. In 1642 it made its first appearance as a Christmas Carol with the title The Old Year Now Away Has Fled, it had several lyrics, the most popular that has come down to the present day is that of William Chatterton Dix, English poet and lyricist, written during the reign of Queen Victoria.

The score appeared for the first time in the volume Christmas Carols New and Old of 1871 with the harmonization of Sir John Stainer, English composer and musician born in London in 1840 and died in Italy (in Verona) in 1901, becoming one of the Christmas Carol most performed in the traditional music scene.

In this unprecedented version for Clarinet and Guitar, the sweet melodic line is expanded by an intimate introduction that precedes the main theme, followed by an intermediate instrumental part that enhances the evocative nature of the piece, all without affecting the poetic vein of the composition.

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Greensleeves, for Clarinet and Guitar by M. Caturano

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